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Airsofters’ Worst Nightmare: Goggles Fogging Up

Your vision is one of your most valuable assets when fighting in an airsoft match. If you lose that, you and your team could lose the game. After all, you can’t fight an enemy that you can’t see.

All airsoft fields in the United States require you to have full eye protection when playing a game of airsoft.

You will be required to keep your goggles on at all times of play when you enter and exit the field. It is not only a matter of safety, but it is also a form of legal protection to shield the fields from any mishaps that may have occurred in-game.

As per Airsoft C3, there are 314 total fields across the entirety of the continental United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

That being said, they provide a slew of environments that airsoft players engage in, ranging from dense forests to large cityscapes to sling BBs all day.

When matches progress, there is a strong likelihood that the eye protection they wear will fog up in the middle of a firefight.

Since environmental conditions often play a factor in goggles fogging up quickly, players will often be forced to retreat to someplace safe or withdraw from the battle.

The worst thing that could happen is getting caught by a staffer and possibly getting kicked out for the rest of the day. So…

How Do You Keep Your Goggles From Fogging Up?

I have played airsoft in Japan for almost three years, which is the birthplace of the hobby.

From my personal experience, whenever I have played outdoor games at the fields in the Chiba prefecture, I usually wore mesh goggles. Sometimes dust particles would mess with my eyesight for a little bit but it doesn’t stay that way for long.

Unfortunately, wearing mesh goggles in-field is not an option for a lot of fields due to the higher feet per second (FPS) of US-manufactured airsoft guns as opposed to Japan.

Therefore, we will be discussing ways in which you can clear up or prevent fog from covering up your lenses:

– Purchase an anti-fog solution, which usually comes in the form of alcohol wipes or a liquid anti-fog bottle with a lint cloth. Wipes last for only portions of an airsoft match and tend to compare to an anti-fog spray solution.

– Purchase goggles that negate fog from clouding your vision. There are specially manufactured dye masks that barely fog up at all while still providing a clear line of sight.

– Get a mini-fan installed in your goggles to keep air circulating and your vision clear.

– Apply dry dish soap to the lenses, then spread and rinse thoroughly with a dry washcloth to keep the lenses clear.

What Causes Fogging?

Fogging of the goggles can happen when there is too much humidity in the environment. Coupled with your body temperature and the pace of your breathing, your lenses will fog quickly and obstruct your line of sight. Bear in mind that even though your goggles may be resistant to fogging, they can still fog up over time.

Another probable cause of fogging is that your goggles may be strapped on your head too tightly. If you happen to be running around on a hot day, your body heats up will produce sweat, which will transfer to your head.

You’ll need to adjust the strap so that it will still remain tight but will allow cool air to circulate inside of the lenses while retaining comfort.

Safety Concerns When Playing

While having fun is part of the hobby, safety is a universal constant in all airsoft games. All fields mandate the use of eye protection because of the fact that BBs can severely damage eyes due to their high velocity. Damage to the eyes can possibly result in permanent blindness.

Correctly designed eye protection is meant to protect your eyes from suffering a BB ricochet or direct hits.

All airsoft goggles that are worn will usually be rated for ballistic safety to ensure they are able to withstand repeated hits.

Not wearing the proper eye protection are grounds for staff to immediately kick you out of the field.

Airsoft guns fire BBs that travel between 100 to 400 feet. The velocity of the projectiles are fast enough to create welts on your skin or even break your teeth.

It often recommended that players wear masks on their faces along with protective clothing around their bodies to mitigate or prevent injuries.

Since they are also replicas, airsoft guns are also not considered toys but are highly-detailed simulated firearms. When handling them, they should be treated in a similar manner to real-life firearms.

What To Look For In Airsoft Goggles

Airsoft goggles are among the most essential equipment players will need in the field since they’re mandatory. They are necessary for you to see and aim with your weapon.

When searching for airsoft goggles online, you should look for the following features:

– Offers a clear view through the lenses, does not obstruct your vision. The lens should be graded for ballistic protection and be able to withstand multiple hits from high-velocity BBs.

– Able to surround your eyes to keep dust particles out while also offering resistance to fog. Should also be able to withstand humidity and perspiration: two external forces which can cause fogging along with your body temperature.

– Solid construction around the entirety of the frame. The goggles should be completely secure on your head without moving.

Product Reviews/Goggles You Can Buy:

This is a non-exhaustive list of airsoft masks/goggles that you can buy from offline or online retailers.

Choosing your goggles will be a matter of personal taste and preference. Do you prefer something simple or do you want to able to stand out from the rest of your team with a cool mask?

ESS Eyewear Profile Turbofan Goggles

The ESS Turbofan Goggles has a fan integrated into the frame, directly above the player’s vision. The fan runs on a single AA battery that allows it to run for a prolonged period of time at two different speeds.

This provides the advantage of a clear line of sight even when there are extreme temperatures or perspiration.

ESS Eyewear Profile Turbofan Goggles

Check the prices on Amazon


  • Easy to operate: features a push-button operation in the back of the head to activate/deactivate the fan. Has an auto-off timer to turn off the fan if accidentally left on.
  • A fan has an operating time of 150 hours before the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Good for people who wear glasses.


  • Expensive. If this isn’t within your budget you’re better off getting cheaper goggles.
  • Can’t wear helmets with these goggles.

Dye Pro Axis Precision Goggles

Airsofters who wear the Dye Pro Axis Precision Goggles enjoy the benefit of superior peripheral vision in the vertical and horizontal axes of the goggles.

It’s essentially a face mask reputed not just for its cool, sleek appearance, but that it really keeps you safe for the majority of the game. Speed softers will often wear these during speedQB matches.

Dye Pro Axis Precision Goggles

Check the prices on Amazon


  • Large lenses provide a wide degree of vision,
  • Covers the entire front of the head. Negates the possibility of injuries happening to the face entirely.
  • Heavily fog-resistant: doesn’t fog easily even in the thickest of firefights.
  • Different colored lenses that you can purchase separately.


– Expensive for its price point, $99 is not for the faint of heart when it comes to face protection.

Valken Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle

In addition to airsoft firearms, Valken produces quality eye protection. It doesn’t stick to your head too tightly, and it touches your skin softly. Even in the thickest of firefights, this will help you sight and aim at your targets with relative ease.

Valken Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle

Check the prices on Amazon


  • A built-in thermal system with good anti-fog protection that can withstand the worst of temperatures or weather conditions.
  • Gives your eyes a good seal while also resistant to cold and heat, while also comfortable to wear.
  • Can wear ballcaps and helmets over the goggles.


  • The goggles might be a little too big to wear for some players.

XAegis Airsoft Goggles, Tactical Safety Goggles Anti Fog Military Eyewear

The XAegis goggles are sturdy and durable, able to withstand punishment from the weather or from BB impacts.

Ventilation is concentrated inward of the goggles to allow airflow and retain a clear line of sight. Offers protection and full side vision.

XAegis Airsoft Goggles

Check the prices on Amazon


  • Comes packaged with 3 lenses that are interchangeable; easy to swap out while still retaining functionality.
  • Comes with a pouch to carry the goggles and lenses in.
  • Lenses are of polycarbonate construction.


  • The goggles can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear.

Rothco Ventec Tactical Goggles

Manufactured in a similar fashion to Eagle force goggles, Rothco Ventec goggles are quite durable in the field.

They are highly stylized while providing your eyes solid protection out in the field. It also comes with UV400 protection to prevent ultraviolet rays from blinding you.

Rothco Ventec Tactical Goggles

Check the prices on Amazon


  • It has a cheap price point ($10.99)
  • The frames are lightweight, and the foam covering is soft on the eyes. Lenses have an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, while also constructed of shatterproof polycarbonate.
  • Has vents on the front of the goggles to allow air circulation for the lenses.


  • Still has a tendency to fog; the protective foam is glued a little too close to the vents, lessening the venting ability of the goggles.


As part of the wrap-up, we have discussed the issue of fogging at great length. Since they are mandatory for wear during gameplay, you will have to cope with the fact that at some point during the matchups your goggles will fog, making it difficult to see and aim at your targets.

Goggles are meant to be long-term investments just like airsoft guns and other accessories you bring to the field.

Choosing the right airsoft goggles will boil down to a matter of tastes and preferences. What matters is that the ones you pick will not only provide comfort but protection for your eyes as well.

Solutions that are available to mitigate or prevent fogging are: purchasing fog-resistant goggles, installing a fan or apply fog-proof solutions to your lenses in order to keep them clear while in the field. Again, always remember, when it comes to playing airsoft: SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT.

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  1. I have found the best lower face to stop fogging is a respirator-type mask with the filters removed.
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