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best airsoft goggles

Airsofters’ Worst Nightmare: Goggles Fogging Up

Your vision is one of your most valuable assets when fighting in an airsoft match. If you lose that, you and your team could lose the game. After all, you can’t fight an enemy that you can’t see. All airsoft fields in the United States require you to have full […]

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft Snipers: Are They Worth It?

Intro – The Truth About Airsoft Sniping Amidst the cover of the forest, you’re laying down in the prone position peering through the lens of a 3x scope hidden within thick layers of bushes. The barrel of your M40 sniper is pointing downrange at a target wielding an M4 assault […]

Airsoft vs Milsim

Not Quite Call of Duty: Airsoft vs Milsim

You just got your first airsoft M4 assault rifle, a couple of batteries, and some BBs to go along with them. You’ve seen videos of people dressed up as soldiers of different nations battling it out on large fields where trees, bushes, and abandoned structures dot the landscape. As soon […]

Airsoft Vs. Paintball

Airsoft Vs. Paintball: Choose Your Weapon

Introduction When it comes to shooting simulation sports, airsoft and paintball have made their way to the top of the game in terms of quality and fun. But which one is the better experience? This short guide will go through the specifications of both shooting sports and then compare them […]

How To Clean An Airsoft Gun

How To Clean An Airsoft Gun

What will happen if you don’t regularly clean your airsoft gun? There is a likely possibility that it won’t function properly. There are many things that could happen if you don’t maintain your airsoft gun regularly. According to Answers, you have to clean it after 8 uses. What Are The […]