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How Long Do CO2 Cartridges Last?

What are These CO2 Cartridges? What are They Used For?

The CO2 cartridges are used in Airguns as a source of power to fire the spherical shaped pellets commonly known as BBs (Ball bullets). An airgun has various working mechanisms. Among them, the usage of a CO2 cartridge leads to a lower priced airgun that is most¬†affordable and user-friendly. Why […]

How Long Can My Airsoft Batteries Last

How Long Can My Airsoft Batteries Last?

The simple answer to this question is it depends on the type of your battery and how long you will use it. A lot also depends on the quality of your battery as there are different brands of batteries sold in the market today. The more expensive your battery is, […]

Is Dry Firing An Airsoft Gun Bad

Is Dry Firing An Airsoft Gun Bad?

Ask yourself this question: Can you run your car at 120 miles per hour? Absolutely yes, if that is the top speed of your car. But would you do it often? Probably not. Why? Because you will wear out your car very easily. But the more important thing is that […]

What Is Green Gas For Airsoft Guns

What Is Green Gas For Airsoft Guns?

Most of the airsoft guns that you see being used in airsoft game fields are powered either by CO2¬†or green gas. Some are powered by AEGs or batteries but they are fewer compared to the first two. A few airsoft guns can work on both gases. Here Is The Simple […]